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ciclo tour - IMportant dates

- Mujer Electrica Tour (2018 - present): Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Boston, Miami, Gainesville, Tampa, Bogota, Guatemala, CDMX.

- Rawayana's Trippy Carribean Tour Opening Act: Miami, Orlando, New York, Bogota (March 11 - 19, 2017)

- Festival Hermoso Ruido 2017: Bogota (September 21-23, 2017)

- SXSW Music Festival 2018: Austin, TX (March 12-19, 2018)

- Ciclo East Coast Tour: Boston, New York, Miami (Feb 15- March 9, 2018)


I. Ciclo

Simon Grossmann is a Miami based Venezuelan-American singer-songwriter who, like many, started his adventure playing guitar and writing songs on the edge of his bed. His first “break” came when he started performing his songs at the summer camp where he was working as a counselor. When summer ended, the kids and his fellow counselors started sharing voice-notes of his songs with their friends back home. Surprised with the feedback, Simon decided to record those songs professionally, giving birth to his debut album "Ciclo" (2017).

Produced by Grammy nominated producer José Luis Pardo (Dj Afro, Los Amigos Invisibles, Rawayana, Camila Luna), Ciclo has gained over 7 million streams across all digital platforms only by word of mouth.

His warm voice and powerful songwriting has caught the attention of many people, bringing in bigger crowds every time he plays. He’s been invited to play in SXSW (Austin, TX), Hermoso Ruido Fest (Colombia), Mexico City, Guadalajara, and major cities of the United States, where he has been surprised by crowds of people singing along to songs like “Agüitaecoco” and “Limón y Sal”.

He’s often described as the “Latin Jack Johnson” but we also find Bossa Nova, Blues, Rock, Jorge Drexler, Devendra Banhart, Tom Petty, and Ruben Blades in his songs.

II. Mujer Eléctrica (2018 - Present)

After the success of Ciclo, Simon Grossmann made an album that captures his current state. Mujer Eléctrica is the representation of what his life has been this past year and a half. Although Mujer Eléctrica still carries the essence that made people fall in love with his debut album, it challenges his previous style, evolving from a folky, acoustic sound to a more solid guitar sound. With catchy riffs, powerful songwriting, and a matured identity, Mujer Eléctrica shows the world the evolution of Simon Grossmann.

He is currently touring in the Mujer Electrica tour, where he has played sold out shows in Europe, USA, and Latin America.

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